Frequently Asked Questions

Do Deck Jacks need to be grouted?

No, tiles are not grouted, allowing water to freely flow between the grout joints down to the drain below.

Can any tile be installed on a floating system?

Structural tiles of 20mm are specified to be used on floating systems but with the appropriate methods any tile can be installed on a floating system.

What stops a tiled deck from moving? 

Around the perimeter of the installed area compression lugs are adhered to the appropriate areas to lock grid together. 

What size are the grout joins on a tiled deck?

4mm spaces 

Is It hard to replace something in time if it becomes broken or damaged?

If something does occur to the area it is easy to replace due to nothing being adhered down. 

Can I put a spa pool on my deck?

Yes, with the correct installation and support to the appropriate areas.

What is the minimum and maximum hight a deck can be? 

As low as 10mm and as high as 550mm + 

Can a floating system be installed in other areas other than decks ?

Yes, a floating system can be used in almost any application even over grass using the correct methods. 

Do the systems come with warranty’s? 

Yes, depending on the products used it can be a 10-20 year product warranty.